Life Insurance: 6 Good things to know

We know the importance of life insurance as we want to make sure that our loved ones are taken care of when we die. But do some research so you'll be sure to get the best possible coverage at the right price. Here are some helpful tips: 1. Shop for your life insurance coverage 2. Never buy more coverage than you need 3. Buy sooner rather than later 4. Realize the importance of reviewing your coverage 5. You will be paying more by paying monthly 6. Don't rely solely on the life insurance offered by your employer SHOP FOR YOUR LIFE INSURANCE When it comes to life insurance, it pays to shop around because premiums can vary widely. And thanks to the Internet, it's now easier than ever. Make sure the website considers the factors in your medical history that can affect the premiums. BUY LIFE INSURANCE THAT YOU NEED The key to purchasing the right amount of life insurance is to have enough to meet your needs. It's important not to have too little coverage as it would be difficult to purchase if you get sick. The younger and healthier you are, the better the life insurance rates Healthy people get better rates on life insurance. You will be asked to pay a higher rate if you smoke, take medications regularly, are overweight or have a bad driving record. GET YOUR LIFE INSURANCE WHILE YOU ARE WELL If you've been putting off purchasing life insurance because you don't want to pay the premiums, you may be doing yourself a disservice in the long run. If you are in good health, buy it now. YOUR LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE SHOULD BE REGULARLY REVIEWED You'll want to make sure that a major life event such as the birth of a child, marriage, divorce or perhaps that the children are grown won't leave you underinsured or overinsured. MONTHLY PREMIUM PAYMENTS FOR LIFE INSURANCE COSTS MORE You will be paying more for your life insurance if you pay your premium in monthly installments. GROUP LIFE INSURANCE Don't rely solely on the life insurance offered by your employer Many employers offer their employees some sort of group life insurance. But this amount of coverage is usually not enough and group life insurance policies are not portable, meaning that if you leave your job, you can't take your life insurance coverage with you.

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